Ghold – Stoic


For Ghold’s first release on London record store Crypt of the Wizard’s label the doom/sludge-meisters retired to a church with a stripped back set up for a more experimental recording session. The results aren’t entirely consistent but have some fine moments.

Full review at Echoes & Dust.


Khost – Governance


The new Godflesh album and to a certain extent the latest collaboration between The Body & Full of Hell suggest that there’s a surprising amount of life left in the idea of industrial metal in this foul year of our lord 2017. But the darkest and most disturbing, not to mention best, example of this has been somewhat less heralded. Step forward Khost.


Full review at Echoes & Dust.

Heinali & Matt Finney – How We Lived


Matt Finney was off-grid for a while before last years excellent record with Siavash Amini but seems to back in force with a barrage of releases with a menagerie of different collaborators. This one, with his old sparring partner Heinali, tells the story of that hiatus in typically unflinching fashion.

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