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ghost signal #6

ghost signal #6: the altar of innovation


electronica | jazz | psych | ambient | drone | modern classical

gnod – desire (00:00)
teeth of the sea – black strategy (06:42)
anenon – once (13:59)
follakzoid – earth (18:20)
earth – the dire and ever circling wolves (28:01)
marielle v jakobsons – the beginning is the end (35:42)
high plains – blood that ran the rapids (41:24)
secret pyramid – a dream on third (44:15)
ben lukas boysen – golden times 2 (50:33)

ghost signal #5

ghost signal #5: negating time in tlon


eraldo bernocchI & chihei hatakeyama – shapeless buildings (00:00)
francesco giannico & giulio aldinucci – reframing (09:23)
coaxial – the symbolism of a safety pin (15:06)
slow clinic – abrasions (19:15)
nonconnah – the collapsing bridge (28:49)
emily a. sprague – water memory 1 (32:10)
illuha – aikou (39:26)
olan mill – pladin (47:16)
mésange – creator (52:18)

ghost signal #4

ghost signal #4: it is a good life


modern classical | ambient | drone | experimental | acoustic

astrid & rachel grimes – mossgrove & seaweed
helen money – machine
date palms – night riding the skyline
leandro fresco/rafael anton irisarri – lo esencial es invisible a los ojos
chihei hatakeyama – bus terminal in konya
ensemble economique – gonna get right with god, right after this next cigarette
western skies motel – two worlds
kitchie kitchie ki me o – europa(first light)

ghost signal #3

ghost signal #3: the numbers station


twinesuns – die zeit ist da (00:00)
khost – cloudbank mausoleum (13:33)
fórn – saudade pt.1 (19:11)
pylar – megalitos (25:23)
biosphere – ancient campfire (34:46)
kristoffer lo – front row gallows view (42:58)
dead light – falling in (52:36)

samples taken from the conet project

ghost signal #2

ghost signal #2: the ninth inning



heroin & your veins – i feel nothing (00:42)
labradford – c (02:55)
nonsun – peace of decay, joy of collapse (08:11)
heinali & matt finney – tinderbox (16:43)
aluk todolo – iv xii mmx (26:26)
shrine – radiant skyline (unit 4) (35:30)
lawrence english – object of projection (43:20)
the bug & earth – agoraphobia (47:45)
dälek – it just is (52:47)

samples taken from detour (1945)

Playlist: 10 Tracks to Learn to Love…Grails


To celebrate their first album in 5 years (check out my review here) I’ve tried to condense Grails’ work into 10 a mere tracks. Tricky stuff, though Spotify have made it easier by not having Take Refuge in Clean Living (check the video below for a taste of that), Black Tar Prophecies 1-3  or Interpretations Of Three Psychedelic Rock Songs From Around The World availableNeedless to say then that this is an incomplete primer; but it does just about trace the line from their early Dirty Three-esque sonic wanderings through their voyages into psychedelia, prog, soundtrack composers, krautrock and a hundred other musical hinterlands all the way to latest release Chalice Hymnal, the sound of a set of musicians playing and composing with complete freedom.

They’ve been a frequently misunderstood band over the years (hell, I’m not entirely sure I’ve truly got a handle on them) due to the scope of their ambition and, perhaps, the narrowing of ambitions of their supposed contemporaries. This selection won’t teach you all there is to know about their ways, but I hope it makes for a welcoming introduction to their world.

Playlist: World, You Disappoint me

I love winter – for the first few months. After Christmas has packed up and left and the New Years promise dissolves into the same-old same-old it’s pleasures soon fade. I find around this time is when I reach for that breed of heaviness, of sonic density, that washes over you, envelops you, holds you close and won’t let you go. Be it the shoegazing of Blonde Redhead, the crushing beauty of Jesu or the heartbreaking slowcore of Low, when the world outside seems cold and uninviting (weatherwise or peoplewise) this is what I use to see me through until Spring.

Playlist: We Never Saw It Coming

Similar to last week’s this is a collection of modern composition/ambient/instrumental acoustic pieces from 2016. It was an ugly year but plenty of beauty somehow seeped through the cracks, like flowers between paving slabs. With the inauguration happening across the pond I for one would prefer to hide between my headphones and remember that.