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Vile Creature – Cast of Static and Smoke


Ontario doom/sludge/noise mongers Vile Creature are among the most promising acts in the genre at the moment, combining pleasingly think riffery with the kind of ambition and creativity the genre is sorely lacking. Their new record is a sci-fi concept album complete with an accompanying short story, the work of a band aiming for the stars even though their engines aren’t quite up to the task of getting them there just yet.

Full review over at Echoes & Dust.


Ghold – Stoic


For Ghold’s first release on London record store Crypt of the Wizard’s label the doom/sludge-meisters retired to a church with a stripped back set up for a more experimental recording session. The results aren’t entirely consistent but have some fine moments.

Full review at Echoes & Dust.