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Lawrence English – Cruel Optimism


I’ve been listening to a lot of drone/ambient/modern composition and the like over the past few years but have seldom written about it. I find it hard to quite capture what’s going on in these abstract pieces. If writing about music is dancing about architecture (and cheers Zappa for sewing that seed of doubt in every music writer’s mind) then writing about abstract pieces is like trying to describe alien structures of non-Euclidean geometry whilst on too much acid to ascertain which limb is which.

Or at least it is for me. Maybe I just feel uncormtable describing anything I can’t overuse the word ‘riff’ for.

Anyhow. I had a go at reviewing the latest work from Lawrence English. i very much like it, something which I hope comes through in this unappetising word salad.

Review, as ever, over at Echoes and Dust.

Grails – Chalice Hymnal

Grails Chalice Hymnal.jpg

Grails have been a favourite band of mine for a long while now. They were introduced to me as a post-rock/post-metal band sometime around a decade ago, around the time that Burning Off Impurities was released, but I quickly discovered they were far much more than genre-happy mooks. Attempts to label them so neatly fall desperately short – they collect and shed influences as it suits them, ever creating their own weather. Evocative of a whole heap of sounds and musical periods at once Chalice Hymnal is a trip down a whole new set of rabbitholes, a tough record to digest and a difficult one to articulate opinion on. I’ve no idea if I’ve done it justice or not.

See for yourself at Echoes & Dust.