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Ghold – Stoic


For Ghold’s first release on London record store Crypt of the Wizard’s label the doom/sludge-meisters retired to a church with a stripped back set up for a more experimental recording session. The results aren’t entirely consistent but have some fine moments.

Full review at Echoes & Dust.


Ufomammut – 8


8 comes a couple of years after Ufomammut’s 15th anniversary year – which in band years puts them into pipe and slippers territory. So it has no right to be the ferocious, thrilling mindfuck of a record that it is.

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Endless Floods – II


New year, new reviews of intimidatingly long, unbearably anguished doom records. Endless Floods, of Bordeuax, France, slow down and stretch out their songs to the point their heaviness almost becomes ambience. They’re one of the most interesting bands operating in the genre at the moment and despite utilising familiar tools and riffs their latest is something pretty unique.

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