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Endless Floods – II


New year, new reviews of intimidatingly long, unbearably anguished doom records. Endless Floods, of Bordeuax, France, slow down and stretch out their songs to the point their heaviness almost becomes ambience. They’re one of the most interesting bands operating in the genre at the moment and despite utilising familiar tools and riffs their latest is something pretty unique.

Review over at Echoes & Dust.

Beehoover – Primitive Powers


I described this record as, “the most Beehooverian album they’ve ever Beehoovered.” Which, if you’re not familiar with the German 2-piece stoner/sludge titans, may well sound like complete gibberish. In which case I’d strongly advise you go away and listen to their stuff until it makes sense.

But first you should read my review of their latest release, posted as ever at the delectable Echoes & Dust.

UK weird-heavy playlist – via Fck Ldn


When Fck Ldn (not to be confused with the recently launched Vice offshoot with a very suspiciously similar name) asked me to talk about 10 of my favourite psych/doom/sludge/stoner bands currently active in the UK and gave me an excuse to compile another playlist – well, I leapt at the chance. I went away, buried my head in strange, narcotic noise and wrote this little article here.