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20 for ’14: Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me

Part 16 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of last year

Sometimes it pays to save the best till last. I’m Not Part of Me is the kind of hook filled call to arms that you’d usually find announcing a record rather than playing it out (and “It starts right now..”  would obviously be ideal opening lyrics), but it’s such a massive, towering track it there’s a risk that as an opener it could have dwarfed everything that came after it, making the remainder of the tracks, as good as they are, feel a bit like an anticlimax. At the end it works as a culmination of everything that has come before, on this record and probably further back still, summed up in four and a half minutes, a microcosm of what Cloud Nothings are and could be.

Despite the typically angst ridden subject matter it ends an adrenaline fueled high, leaving you twitching to hit the play button and start over. “I’m learning how to be here and nowhere else” goes the titular line and Cloud Nothings do their utmost to will that into action through sheer rock bluster and heart-on-sleeve bellowing. “I’m not I’m not you/you’re a part of me/you’re a part of me.” They’re the kind of words you sing when you’re heading off into the sunset, a little sad at leaving things behind but looking forward to what lies ahead. Here and Nowhere Else is the record on which Cloud Nothings really found themselves, where everything clicked into place. Whatever lies beyond that sunset I’m willing to bet it’s gonna sound good.