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ghost signal #2

ghost signal #2: the ninth inning



heroin & your veins – i feel nothing (00:42)
labradford – c (02:55)
nonsun – peace of decay, joy of collapse (08:11)
heinali & matt finney – tinderbox (16:43)
aluk todolo – iv xii mmx (26:26)
shrine – radiant skyline (unit 4) (35:30)
lawrence english – object of projection (43:20)
the bug & earth – agoraphobia (47:45)
dälek – it just is (52:47)

samples taken from detour (1945)

Dälek – Asphalt for Eden


I first started this blog for different purposes to the catch-all scribblings on Music and Gaming it became. It was primarily for my use only, essentially as a Happy Place for my sad self to return to to find solace in a big list of things I loved. It was an ongoing series of reminders that the world wasn’t entirely a festering nightmare of disappointment. Eventually it convinced me that writing about this stuff was really good for my mental health in and of itself. And so: here we are.

I deleted most of those Let me tell you why I love.. posts apart from the Dark Souls one, which I was quite fond of. One of the lost posts was a love letter to Absence, Dälek’s terrifying 2005 album, a record that production-wise sounds like a city under siege from monolithic metallic monsters. There’s nothing quite like it: ‘Apocalyptic’ is an overused adjective in music criticism, and one that has rarely been as apt as when applied to Absence. It’s something I have to brace myself whenever I put my headphones on to get dragged into it’s hellish world.

They released the excellent Abandoned Language after that, and finally the slightly lackluster Gutter Tactics before disappearing into the ether. So I was a bit nervous when Dälek announced they’d be back after a 5 year lay-off, especially as they’d be creating without producer Oktopus. Without the man who created that sound, what would they have to offer?

Spoiler: quite a lot, actually.

Full review over at Echoes & Dust.