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20 for ’15 – Self Defense Family – Everybody Wants a Prize for Feeling

Part 19 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

Notch up a second appearance for Patrick Kinlon in this years list (the first being Drug Church’s Aging Jerk). That’s a first in the long, illustrious 2 year run of this feature. Well played.

I like Self Defense Family best when they’re playing with a straight bat. As enjoyable as the longer, more obtuse numbers on Heaven is Earth arefor instance the title track and opener In My Defens Self Me Defend – they just don’t stick in the mind for me quite like their neat and tidy 3 minute numbers do. Everybody Wants a Prize for Feeling is probably the best example of the poppier end of their work – a catchy post punk yell-along song coloured by a whimsical melodica backing and capped off with a ragged, hollered chorus of “I feel! I feel! I feel!” it clings to your brain like some kind of mind limpet.

Kinlon often writes his lyrics in first person from the point of view of some character or other, but it’s not always clear what his point is amidst all the seething and arch shouting. Usually his wry, myopic company is enough to sell a track all the same but every now and again you get a blast of clarity like the repressed, frustrated narrator of Everyone Wants.. and it cuts through like a draught of fresh air in a stuffy room.