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20 for ’15 – The Playlist

Well, it’s nearly the middle of February already – so it seems as good a time as any to wrap up this round up of the previous years best songs. They don’t call me The Timely Content Kid for nothing. Also some might call having 25 songs on a top 20 list something of a cop out. To which I have no real argument.

It was a great year for music though and I think this list demonstrates just how good. Especially since it was a year in which I didn’t find much time to delve into all that much hip hop – Busdriver and Milo narrowly missed the cut for the list but that was about it for my rap listening in 2015, bar a couple of L’Orange produced albums – and almost completely ignored what was by all accounts an excellent year for black metal. It was a year of Too Much Music and this, for better or worse, is how I spent it. And given how much fun I’ve had putting this list together I’m leaning towards, “for better.”


20 for ’15 – Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz – Mango Season

Bonus track!

I was going to include this in the main playlist but once again my integrity, my decency, my unassailable moral core got the better of me. The truth is I didn’t hear this song until 2016. It would have made a sorry mockery over this hallowed list if I were to include it.

Also I already had my 20 and couldn’t bring myself to trim any further. So 21 songs it is.

Brought to my attention by the ever excellent Independent Music Podcast‘s 2015 round up episode the ludicrously named Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz are a Hungarian Afro-beat combo who released a record on the also ever excellent German label Tramp Records last year. If that sentence doesn’t get you excited I’m honestly not sure what you’re looking for in life. It’s an insanely catchy, maddeningly funky piece that has inspired me and my girlfriend to spend a decent chunk of our winter in Wales singing, “Mango mango! Mango mango!” at each other in between debates over whether to put the heating on or not. Not a bit of it makes sense and I love it dearly for that.

There is a nagging worry in my mind about the cultural appropriation of a white Hungarian dude singing about ‘Mango Season’ in a vaguely Caribbean accent, but I’ll leave that for people cleverer than me to worry about. It sounds so damn celebratory of funk and afro-beat it’s incredibly infectious and impossible not to get swept up in.