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20 for ’14: The Austerity Program – Song 37

Part 15 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of last year

The Austerity Program are what you might call a more cerebral heavy band than most. Though the noise they create is at it’s core a brutal, taut take on industrial metal their meticulously programmed drums and tongue in cheek lyricism indicate there’s as much brains as brawn involved in their relentless pounding racket. However there’s always room for some chest beating, here-I-make-my-stand stubborn fuck you of a song in their repertoire. Song 37 closes Beyond Calculation on one such defiant note, with singer/guitarist Justin Foley spitting an I-shall-not-be-moved diatribe at unnamed forces determined to displace him. “They can’t take this place from me/’cuz I’m not ready to go.”

One thing I didn’t like about Beyond Calculation was how the vocals were occasionally buried in the mix, but when it happens on Song 37 it makes thematic sense – his words are almost drowned out completely in the second verse as the rising tide of marching noise threatens to consume him whole. It’s the slowest song on the record and the most deliberate – it feels like the drums are going to keep pounding louder and louder until they blow your door down. But just when it all seems to be ready to escalate to unbearable levels Foley gets to deliver one final line into the silence: “Don’t you put your hands on me/I’m not going to go.” The fury of the final passage of music on the record could sweep away just about anything but it’s a line yelled with such gritted teeth, white knuckled conviction that I’d back him with all the money in the world.