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20 for ’15: Locrian – An Index of Air

Part 2 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

Infinite Dissolution may be the easiest Locrian album to listen to, but that doesn’t exactly make it easy listening. An Index of Air is a barrage of muted pseudo-back metal passages sweeping along the kind of guitar heroics that in any other hands could easily sound bombastic and cheesy. Wordless screams ring out in a reverb haze as if coming from somewhere else – somewhere you really don’t want to go. It isn’t until nearly 7 minutes in that it starts to resemble a song and the ‘most accessible Locrian album’ starts to make sense. Out of nowhere some haunting vocals emerge from the mist in a melody that if it weren’t so corroded might sound anthemic. It’s a passage that lasts barely any time at all but like a brief movie stealing performance, say Welles in The Third Man or Brando in Apocalypse Now, it towers over everything to the point your memory tells you it lasted much longer. Infinite Dissolution is a record about the end of man and amidst the gnarled wreckage and ruins that make up the rest of the record it’s that one moment of haggard beauty the mind keeps wandering to.