Here at Wanton Dilettantery Inc. we pride ourselves on our innovative strategies to corner the global marketplace for badly named, confusingly organised blogs. We’re committed to delivering for our shareholders – a long suffering girlfriend and a grumpy cat called Mr Socks – and giving our customers (which I presume one day will exist) the best possible service. To that end we’re pleased to announce a refresh of our brand and a reorganising of our priorities going forward.

Which is to say I’m ditching the stupid name and siphoning off the gaming stuff to a dedicated games blog. This place is now known as Ghost Signals – look, it says so up top – and the games blog is tentatively titled Ludowaffle. Which some may argue is an even stupider name than Wanton Dilettantery. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, however wrong.

While I sort everything out there’ll be a short transition period. I think it’s all running smoothly so far apart from the web address now directing people to a dead end. I’ve probably lost my 2 regular readers due to that cock up. Mr Socks will not be pleased.