Melting Hand – High Collider


I’ve been a little obsessed with Mike Vest’s guitar tone this year. Ever since I got hooked on Haikai No Ku’s Temporary Infinity I’ve been rinsing his work in Blown Out and as Lush Worker and Basillica. It just sounds so strange and alien – I’ve invented an origin story for it involving Mike stealing it from a distant civilisation from across the stars. And god help us all when they come to take it back.

Terminal Cheesecake, on the other hand, I must confess to not being familiar with until recently. Sometime a band resurfaces after years in the wilderness with everyone hailing them as returning legends and I’m left scratching my head wondering if they’d somehow been retconned into musical history by time travelling trolls determined to make me feel silly. But having dug into their back catalogue it seems they’re worthy of the title.

So a collaboration between Vest and the Cheesecake’s Russel Smith obviously piqued my interest. Echoes & Dust had an exclusive stream lined up and needed some words. Both the stream and those words can be found here.



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