The Comet is Coming – Channel the Spirits


This one is one of the tougher reviews I’ve written. I claimed it from Echoes & Dusts release list because I was absolutely in love with Neon Baby from their self-titled ep, a ridiculously infectious whirlwind of chiptune swing and a hurricane of cool-as-ice sax playing from Shabaka Hutchings. It’s a bit cheesy, a bit silly, a lot brilliant. I described it as being like Acoustic Ladyland meets Adebisi Shank to anyone who know what that might mean. I was very, very excited.

So what do you do when the album you’ve built up in your head doesn’t correlate with the album on your stereo? How do you review what it is instead of what it isn’t? I had to ditch the review for a month, try and forget the whole thing and come back to it afresh. But even then, whilst there’s a lot I did like in Channel the Spirits, I still came away a little disappointed.

Full review over at Echoes & Dust.