20 for ’15 – Hey Colossus – Hop the Railings

Part 16 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

I spent a decent chunk of 2015 singing Hey Colossus’ praises to anyone would listen. And to a fair few who wouldn’t. Before getting around to reviewing both their 2015 records at the same time (here at WD we* pride ourselves on our** efficiency) I’d been screaming at people in supermarkets and yelling at passing cars to try and get the word out. “They’ve taken it to the next level!” I’d be saying into their terrified faces, “you’ve got to hear In Black & Gold!” Eventually it struck me that using this here blog might be more socially responsible, even if it would mean speaking to a smaller audience than the usual Saturday afternoon Tesco crowd.

At the time I said this about Hop the  Railings:

“Hop the Railings is propelled along with the kind of almost motorik rhythm that can put some verve into the most languid of steps as gradually builds quietly to something of a stealthy crescendo. I’ve been listening to it on my morning walk to work and I swear I’m getting in 5-10 minutes earlier than usual. Unfortunately it also has the kind of don’t-give-a-fuck swagger that can lead to wanton jaywalking – there’s been at least on instance of me stepping out into traffic at the “if something’s worth doing/it’s worth doing wrong/you better run along” refrain, feeling so full of piss n’ vinegar that I figured that the cars better get the hell out of my way if they know what’s good for them.”

I stand by that awkwardly phrased sentiment. And I can also happily report that I’m yet to be involved in any accidents that listening to Hey Colossus was directly responsible for.

*royal ‘we’

**royal ‘our’