20 for ’15 – Petrels – L. Caution 3

Part 15 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

Back in August I wrote this about L. Caution Pt. 3:

“Petrels is London based producer/illustrator Oliver Barrett and the album Flailing Tomb is a mythologically themed album and an ode to the chasing of lost causes. That alone is the bio of someone after my own heart – throw in the fact that the second half of the record is based on an unused alternate score to Godard’s Alphaville and I’m completely sold. L. Caution Pt. 3 is the sublime finale to the record and a track that forces me to invoke the ultimate music scribe cop-out and say – it’s impossible to describe. And to say: just listen to it. Go on. Whatever you’re doing – stop it. Unless it’s open heart surgery this is more important. Few things have been released in 2015 that are even close to the euphoria of this track – and if any more come within touching distance of it then this will have been a damn fine year indeed.”

Few did come with in touching distance – despite it being a damn fine year. Being the prolific wee blighter that he is Barrett has already got a couple of new things up on his bandcamp page and I’m already getting a good feeling about 2016.