20 for ’15 – Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave

Part 7 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

I guess we’re all just taking for granted the fact that Sleater-Kinney returned last year, nearly 9 years after splitting up, and simply hadn’t missed a beat? We’re all cool with that?

Apparently I am – No Cities to Love didn’t make my albums of the year list at all, an oversight I regret. It may be an entirely meaningless list but I still feel bad. I’m chalking it up to the usual list compiler’s goldfish like memory. Don’t release your record in January or late December kids – the former they won’t remember and the latter will be past their deadlines.

So let’s take a moment to recognise just how fucking amazing it is to have them back. To have those elasticated guitar lines springing forth, to hear Tucker and Brownstein trading soaring vocal lines like not a damn day has passed since their supposed heyday, to have them etching another sublime chorus onto your brain nearly a decade after the last one. Has there been a better comeback than this? Mission of Burma might have a shout. The rest, at best, didn’t disgrace themselves. Precious few just showed up and said, “hi, remember us? We’re magnificent.”

And then there’s the video. Sleater-Kinney meets Bobs Burgers – two of the best things around right now, together for no apparent reason. Even with that last, “buy our shit!” part bringing the brazen commercialism into this marriage of lovely things it’s hard not to watch Tina bouncing along and think, “y’know what? I think everything is gonna be ok.”