20 for ’15: Drug Church – Aging Jerk

Part 3 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of 2015

When he’s not busy expanding the already intimidatingly large Self Defense Family discography or drawing comics Pat Kindlon can be found writing from the point of view of assholes and lowlifes as frontman of Drug Church. And it might just be the best thing he does. Reflecting anxieties and worries by embodying them he’s often screaming from the point of view of the worst the world has to offer, juxtaposing weary irony with high energy punk rock fury.

In the case of Aging Jerk it’s the internet commenter, passing judgement in the glow of the laptop screen with an inflated sense of entitlement. It’s the pendulum of hyperbole swinging between, “I give it one outta five,” and “[it’s] a blessing from on high.” It’s the often repeated banalities that lie at the end of so many user reviews, “would watch again,” “was worth my time.” It’s a shopping list of cliched film criticisms posted online by the kind of person who feels the need to have an opinion on everything and let everyone know what they think at all times.

The amidst a full bore post-hardcore guitar crescendo he boils cinema down to; “something to pass some hours/something to eat your day.” A cynical reduction, perhaps, but one anyone who’s spent any time staring at the offerings of their local Cineworld recently will likely sigh and agree with. Listening to Drug Church you get the feeling Kindlon isn’t satisfied by much in life. But he expresses his dissatisfaction with such a precise ear for the douchebags he summons and inhabits, a nice line in pith and a piercing, righteous yell that it makes for a pretty satisfying listen.