Fórn – Weltschmerz


It’s officially winter I guess. I like the idea of winter a great deal but the reality here in Wales is never quite so appealing. The snow is stubbornly refusing to fall; instead we’re left in a drizzly, sleety half-way shithouse between proper actual winter and the most awful parts of Autumn. It doesn’t feel Christmassy, it doesn’t feel magical. It’s just cold and shit. Just as winter in the UK is 99% of the time. Get used to it – it’s here until Spring, which will look surprisingly like it does now only ever so slightly more green.

So what better way to cheer yourself up that to listen to brutally miserabalist doom? The kind that embraces the futility of all endevours and lays writhing and screaming in a hopeless state so complete it seems almost content in its despair? C’mon, what else are you going to do – get your kicks out of going to visit that bastard Coke truck?

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