Wanton Playlistery – 2015: Q2

Holy moly. Is it just me or is there quite a lot of music out there right now? It’s getting silly now. Half the world seems to have a musical project of some description and, even more disconcertingly, half of those are at least decent. Which is frankly too much. I can’t seem to walk out of my front door without bumping into 4 or 5 intriguingly pitched psychedelic doom bands these days. Maybe I live in a weird area. Of course most of them end up sounding like a tenth rate Sabbath with Ozzy singing from the bottom of a particularly deep well, but still. Even once you’ve hacked away the chaff there’s an overwhelming amount of good music left. There’s barely enough time to hear it all, never mind begin to actually digest any of it. Most of the stuff on this playlist is stuff I’ve made a point of spending time with, pondering, musing upon, nodding to in a barely conscious drunken daze, that sort of thing. But I’d be lying if I claimed there weren’t a few pieces of freshly regurgitated noise that I’ve been very much enjoying in the brief windows I’ve had with it on there, stuff that may reveal itself to be actually a bit dull once I’ve had time to really get under it’s skin. But thems the risks you take in life. Or in music blogging at least.

With that in mind I recommend that you have a listen to this playlist of things-that-have-been-getting-me-excited for the second quarter of the year and be assured that the hit rate should be more than respectable when all is said and done. We can worry about how things shake out for posterity at a later date. For now we need to take the little time we have not working or sleeping or worrying about not working or not sleeping to be slapped around the chops by the  woozy, cerebral politicised trip-pop of Jenny Hval; be clobbered into a trance by the bass-heavy pulse of GNOD’s latest work; get hypnotised by the ceaseless doom jams of Headless Kross (this one being named after a gag from 30 Rock for reasons I’m sure made sense at the time); get lost in the labyrinthine riffs of Tempel’s spectacular new stuff and be enveloped in the final crescendo of Petrel’s brilliant new record Flailing Tomb. And of course plenty more. I’d wager that you’ll be glad you did.