Wanton Playlistery – 2015: Q1

Music scribes always like to describe the present moment, the state of the ecosystem at this very second, as if it were a singular entity. A person even. It’s an age old conceit that we’re all guilty of. A year in music will reguarly described as exploding out of the blocks as if it were a real, living sprinter competing against years gone by in some weird chrono-Olympics. It’s all a bit silly.

But this one, well, it has to be said: it’s come out swinging. It’s not looking to out point 2014 – it’s gone straight for the knockout with a furry of brutal punches. I mean, um, records.

See? Silly.

But yes, behold this 25 track playlist. We’ve got Isis’ Aaron Turner unleashing some of his most terrifying noise yet as part of Sumac; Chilean psych-monkeys Föllakzoid stretching out with the almost drone-like sprawl of Piure; Elder augmenting their stoner armoury with some prog-rock ponderings on Legend; Hey Colossus! both scaling new heights and plumbing new depths on Eat It; Torche coming back heavier than ever on Loose Men; day-glo shoegaze courtesy of Russia’s Pinkshinyultrablast; Sleater-Kinney sounding the same as ever after a 10 year hiatus and yet as fresh as they ever did; Pyramids somehow being both terrifying and gorgeous simultaneously on Indigo Birds and Public Service Broadcasting doing funk-rock about Yuri Gagarin like it’s never been done before (because, unsurprisingly it hasn’t).  And that’s just for starters. That’s over 2 hours of great music with one song per band taken only from the albums I’ve got around to listening to from this year so far. I’d say that’s a pretty good start, wouldn’t you?


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