20 for 2014 – The Playlist

Well it seems the gray curtain of February has lifted and left us blinking in the slightly brighter month of March. So it seems like the perfect time from me to finish up the WD 20 track rundown of 2014. I might change the tagline on here to: “Wanton Dilettantery: as timely as a Summer advent calendar.”

Anyway, here it is: my 20 songs of 2014, including a lengthy doom workout, some indie rock noodlings, a hefty dose of shouty alt-rock, a heart rendingly fragile piano piece and whatever the hell Mazel Tov is. Despite my best efforts it’s too all-over-the-place to hang together as a well curated mixtape. But as 20 individual tracks it shows that 2014 was a pretty great year for music. But then they all are if you look hard enough – there’s an unholy amount of it released every month, if you aren’t enjoying it you aren’t looking in the right places. And if you can’t be bothered WD has got your back – sporadically bringing you good music long after it was in any way relevant. That’s the WD guarantee.