13 for ’13: Megachurch – Receive It

Part 9 of a 13 song recap of my 2013 in no particular order


So begins Megachurch 2: Judgement Day, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better opening to an album in 2013. Sure it’s ludicrous, but then that’s very much the aim. It would be easy to dismiss Megachurch as a novelty band. Because, in all honesty, that’s pretty much what they are. They’re a three piece with 2 bassists and a drummer, eschewing traditional vocals for samples of hellfire preachers at their most bellicose along with Fox news talking heads (presumably so we can play a fun game of spot the difference) woven into a selection of big riffs. Which may well not be the recipe for lasting success. But they marry together brilliantly – most rock/metal vocalists would kill to capture the terrifying passionof  a wild eyed preacher in full swing. Of course many a rock vocalist has tried to do just that – from Jeffrey Lee Pierce to Neil Fallon plenty have noticed how potent a combo that could be before Megachurch came along. You could say they’re just cutting out the middle man. And much like Karma to Burn, a band their sound is not a million miles from, they’ve realised that when it comes to big, bad, stoner tinged rock most vocalists just get in the way anyhow. Precious few rock singers actually add much to that sound anyhow. If you don’t have an exceptional one lying around then why bother?

Receive it, by far the standout track, showcases this coming together of crazed southern baptist sermonising and hard rocking best. The riffs come thick and fast, utilising the extra heft the all bass set up they’ve got well, and the samples are straight up frightening. They implore the acceptance gods love with a deranged fervor that makes it sound like something deeply sinister. And they aren’t there just for window dressing – they’re very much part of the fabric of the song, setting the pace and leading the titular chorus. The old cliche goes that the devil has the best tunes and Megachurch showcases that sometimes these preachers sound possessed by something a little further south of heaven than they’d have you believe. But above all Receive It just straight up rocks in that old Beavis and Butthead type way that I can’t help but find irresistible.


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